Three early day bandmasters were associated with the Canadian Staff Band. Bandmaster William Clarke augmented the CSB as an instumentalist when they visited the International Congress in England in 1904. Ten years later, bandmasters Ted Hannigan and Walter Woodard were promoted to glory from the Empress of Ireland when it met disaster in the Gulf of St. Lawrence while transporting the CSB to the international Congress in 1914.

Jacob Smith (1883-1887)

Charles Whitlock (1887-1893)

John Miller (1893-1895)

Alfred Waite (1895-1896)

William Clarke (1896-1905)

Edward 'Ted' Hannigan(1905-1906)
(became Bandmaster of the CSB in 1907
and went down with the Empress of Ireland)

Jack Hannigan(1906-1908)

Walter Woodard (1908-1914)
(Went down with the Empress of Ireland)

Alfred Morton(1914-1915)

James MacDonald (1915-1922)

William Wolno (1922-1933)


Ernie Falle (1949-1952)

William Burditt Jr. (1952-1962)

Bram Allington (1962)

Wilf Mountain (1962-1967)

Deryck Diffey (1967)

William Bebbington (1967)

David Buckley (1968-1979)

Brian Nutty (1979-1988)

David Argent (1988-1992)

David Chaulk (1992-1993)

Ken Spink (1993-1997)