The Roll Call* W. Broughton
An old classic march featuring the chorus "When the roll is called up yonder, I'll be there"

Barbara Allen arr. D. Chaulk
Salvationists will associate the words "I met a stranger on the road" with this beautiful setting.

Skye Boat Song arr. D. Morrison (soloist: David Stevens)
An arrangement of a delightful Scottish air ideally suited to the tenor horn.

Pavane* G. Faure; arr. K. Norbury
The pavane is a slow stately dance associated with the 16th and 17th centuries.

Hamilton Temple Festival March* D. Chaulk
Written especially for the Hamilton Temple Band by former bandmaster David Chaulk, this march features the tunes "Bethany" and "Courage Brother".

I Know A Fount* T. Rive
The verse and chorus of the well known song are presented here in both a reflective and majestic setting.

I'll Not Turn Back I. Bosanko
(Soloists: John Avery, cornet; Robert Millar, Euphonium)
A setting of the familiar and challenging song of the same title.

Arise, My Soul, Arise! D. Goffin
This work is derived from the hymn tune "Darwells". The composer has taken every phrase of the tune and used it as the basis for development.

Keep Singing P.C. Rivers
A bright foot tapping march featuring the chorus "Sing on through sunny days".

He Cares For Me* D. Chaulk
A sensitive setting of the familiar song "I know he cares for me".

The New Born Babe* B. Broughton
This prelude is based on a chorale which dates from the 16th century. The melody was used by J.S. Bach in his cantata #122.

Variations On "Wellington City"* D. Chaulk
The tune "Wellington City" composed by the late Thomas Rive forms the basis for this set of variations from the pen of David Chaulk.

My Hearts Desire R. Bowes
An expressive musical presentation of the devotional chorus, "Enter, right into my heart, Lord; enter now".

Alderny D. Goffin
This march was written for and dedicated to the faithful Salvationist musicians of Alderny, Channel Islands.

God Be With You arr. W. Gordon
Using the hymn tune "Randolph" we pray that God will be with you until we meet again.

*Conducted by David Chaulk