Festival March - The Sound of the Gospel - Robert Redhead
This energetic festival march was written in 1977 for the opening of the Wood Green corps and Community Centre in London, England. The syncopated rhythms are a signature of Robert Redhead’s compositions, and serve to depict the enthusiastic character of the Salvationists at Wood Green as they proclaim the “Gospel that matches the hour”.

Selection - The Triumph of Peace - Eric Ball
Written around the time of the second World War, this classic work by one of the Salvation Army’s finest and most loved composers is as relevant today as it was during that time of great unrest. The music expresses two conflicting themes. Firstly, the insecurity of temporal power having in mind Jesus’ words in the garden of Gethsemane when he warned Peter: “for all they that take the sword shall perish by the sword.” Secondly, the ultimate triumph of peace through spiritual power expressed in the composer’s own setting of John Oxenham’s fine poem:

Peace in our time, O Lord,
To all the peoples - peace!
Peace surely based upon thy will
and built in righteousness.
Thy power alone can break
the fetters that enchain.
The sorely stricken soul of life,
and make it live again.

Euphonium Duet - Fire Divine - Ty Watson
(soloists: Paul Alvarez, Sean Avery)
This attractive duet is an arrangement of “Burning, Burning”, a song originally written by the Salvation Army’s current international leader General John Gowans. The soloists both came through the “Young People’s” band program at Hamilton Temple, and have quickly developed into accomplished musicians.

Festival Arrangement - Dance Before the Lord - Peter Graham
Graham Kendrick has written many of the contemporary songs used throughout the world in Christian worship. “Jesus put this song into our hearts” is one of his most popular songs, and is presented here in a Hungarian dance style.

Hymn Tune Arrangement - The Solid Rock - Ty Watson
“On Christ the solid rock I stand” is given an exciting treatment by Ty Watson, who is a former member of the Hamilton Temple Band. Ty resides in Mississauga, Ontario and is gaining wide popularity for his enjoyable contributions to the brass band repertiore.

Selection - Near to the Heart of God - Stephen Bulla

There is a place of quiet rest,
Near to the heart of God;
A place where sin cannot molest,
Near to the heart of God.

Stephen Bulla has taken this beautiful hymn and breathed new life into it with his contemporary setting.

7. Selection - All of Thee - William Gordon
Theodore Monod wrote a song in the early 1900’s which depicts the struggle of a soul under conviction by the Holy Spirit. Following the words of “None of Self” which is found in the Salvation Army’s Songbook (#548), would be of great benefit to the listener as the progression from “All of self and none of Thee” to “None of self and all of Thee” is so powerfully portrayed in this arrangement. William Gordon is a professional Canadian composer/arranger, and an active Salvationist in Vancouver, British Columbia.

March - In The Firing Line - Bramwell Coles
This is a vintage Salvation Army “street march” by the “march-king” of the Salvation Army, Bramwell Coles. Published in September 1925, it has passed the test of time, and is still a favorite with audiences.

Cornet Solo - Whirlwind - Peter Graham
(soloist: John Avery)
An exciting solo capturing the enthusiasm found in the testimony forming the basis of the solo:

I have found a new salvation,
Glory, glory, glory to God!

John Avery is known for his consistent cornet playing, and has been the principal cornet and soloist at Hamilton Temple since 1981.

Meditation on St. Clements - David Chaulk
One of the most beautiful melodies of the Christian church has been revived in this gorgeous meditation. David Chaulk is a brilliant euphonium soloist and former bandmaster at Hamilton Temple. He now resides in Auckland, New Zealand.

Horn Solo - Precious Jesus - Robert Redhead
(soloist: Philip Argent)
In 1976, Robert Redhead was appointed to the Canada & Bermuda Territory as the Music Secretary and Bandmaster of the Canadian Staff Band. During his nine years with these responsibilities, the brass world further discovered his remarkable ability to take beautiful words and put them to sensitive yet powerful arrangements. Such is certainly the case with this lovely horn solo which is a transcription from Mervyn Clarke’s songster selection.

Festival Arrangement - Daniel - Barrie Gott
In the 1980s, Barrie Gott broke new ground in Salvation Army band repertoire with the publication of this festival arrangement. Originally written with an eight bar drum kit solo, “artistic license” was given to percussionist Gordon Mayer for this recording. It is hoped that the listener will be stirred as audiences often have been with this unique rendition of the popular Sunday school song. Gordon has since entered the Salvation Army’s College for Officer Training in Toronto with his wife and two children.

Suite - To The Chief Musician - William Himes
Written for the Chicago Staff Band to perform at the retirement festival of Commissioner Richard E. Holz, this suite takes its title from the note above some of the Psalms which refer to the chief musician.
The movements are: I. Introit – Psalm 100:4, II. Sacrifice – Psalm 51:17, and III. Worship – Psalm 29:2.

Hymn Tune Arrangement - Martyn - Wilfred Heaton
The most important contributions made by the band, are those during the Sunday Holiness meetings at Hamilton Temple. Hymn tune playing represents the very essence of Salvation Army banding throughout the world. We work diligently to prepare appropriate selections and song accompaniments to enhance the worship at Hamilton Temple. Often times the Spirit moves and blesses the listener and players alike during these times. On one such occasion in September 1999, the bandmaster introduced this lovely arrangement by making the congregation aware that band was thinking of and praying for one of its own member’s specific needs. As the band began to play, the Holy Spirit moved in such a powerful way. The mercy seat was lined, and the meeting was directly turned over to the Holy Spirit’s leading as the selection was played a total of four times that morning. This is just another example of how the God-inspired music of the Salvation Army band repertoire is used by the Holy Spirit to bless souls.